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Beyond View
Beyond View cover.png
AV Studios
AV Studios
Release date(s)
Turn-based tactical role-playing
Single player

Beyond View follows Raena Kibo after she is suddenly transferred to an intermediary mystical world, Umbara, between heaven and hell. She seeks to figure out why she was transferred to this land, and is eventually tasked with saving Umbara.

The game is utilizes overhead 2.5 dimensional perspective with a fixed camera, akin to adventure classics including Pokémon and the original Legend of Zelda. When engaging in combat, the perspective is switched to place the two fighting parties on the left and right sides facing one another. Combat is turn-based utilizing a menu of actions that the player can select for their turn. Actions are organized into five tabs, Attack, Physical, Magic, Guard, and Item.

Beyond View has been released as version 0.1, however its release date is unknown.

The system requirements for Beyond View are not known.

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